Who We Are

Who We Are

Foodservice Designers

Foodlines, a foodservice design subsidiary of Erickson Sullivan Architects, was founded in 1986 after the partners saw a need for local commercial kitchen designers. This focus quickly grew into a specialty as the team gained experience in workflow, equipment usage, productivity, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

Today, Erickson Sullivan Architects and Foodlines are looking to the future. We are expanding our team and developing our portfolio to include a wider variety of projects, including sports facilities and arenas.



Scott Sullivan

Senior Principal, AIA

Scott Sullivan is Erickson Sullivan Architects’ Senior Principal. He joined Erickson Schultz Architects in 1988 and became a partner in 1990, the firm being re-branded as Erickson Sullivan Architects. Scott was born in Lincoln, NE, and attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. First, graduating magna cum laude with his bachelors in 1986 and then with a master’s in architecture in 1990. He is licensed in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Florida.

Scott has one daughter, Shannon, who is following in her father’s footsteps as a student at UNL.

Fun Fact: Scott intended to enter college as a music major with aspirations to play the piano professionally. Ultimately, he decided he would starve as a musician and chose to focus on architecture.

Jennifer Rohn

Associate Principal

Associate Principal, Jennifer Rohn, has been at Erickson Sullivan Architects (ESA) for 26 years. She was born and raised in Lincoln, NE, and attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, earning a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies with an emphasis on Interior Design. She was hired at ESA to be an interior designer but a few years later was leading Foodlines. Additionally, Jen has been a member of Foodservice Consultants Society International since 2013.

She and her husband, Curt, have a four-year-old furbaby, a sheepadoodle, named Jarvis.

Fun fact: When Jen was eight years old, she wanted to be a dolphin trainer and sell Tupperware as a side hustle. Sidenote, the fun facts were added to the website so she could share this tidbit about herself.

Trevor Hull

Associate Principal, AIA

Trevor, originally from Fremont, NE, joined Erickson Sullivan Architects (ESA) 21 years ago and is now an Associate Principal. He earned a master’s in architecture from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and is licensed in Nebraska. His extensive experience in all design and construction phases results in outstanding project management.

Trevor and his wife Cindy have two children, Trenton and Abby.

Fun fact: Trevor and his family enjoy playing card games together for money. It’s a good thing he has an architectural career to fall back on as he loses a lot of nickels and dimes to his children.

Talented Team


Courtney Klimm

Production Coordinator

Courtney joined our firm in 2016 after graduating from Metropolitan Community College in Omaha with an associate degree in architectural drafting. She has quickly become an integral part of our team, working on both architectural and foodservice projects.

Courtney was married to her husband, Noah, twice in 2020, thanks to COVID-19. She likes to spend her free time reading a good book and staying active playing volleyball or running half marathons.

Fun fact: Courtney fears that something, not someone, is behind her when she’s walking in the dark.

Foster Peterson

Interior Designer

Foster recently earned a bachelor’s in interior design from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. We are thankful he chose to bring his talents to the Erickson Sullivan Architects team. His favorite part of the job is effecting positive change in people’s lives through the built environment.

Foster also works as a bicycle mechanic. When he is not working, he enjoys playing with his dogs, Tilly and Archie, or commuting around town on his bike.

Fun fact: If Foster could only eat one food for the rest of his life, it would be burritos from Open Harvest.

Clayton McKay

Production Associate

Clayton earned an associate’s degree in computer-aided design and drafting from Southeast Community College in Milford and brings his AutoCAD and Revit experience to the firm. A Nebraska native, he also works with several reality capture software, including Scene2go, GEOslam, and Recap.

Clayton is excited to marry his fiancée, Kayla, in May of 2022.

Fun fact: Clayton’s weirdest talent is that he can quote most of The Office by memory, but his favorite quote is from Office Space, “You’ve been missing a lot of work lately, Peter.” “Well, I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it, Bob.”

Lee Roberts

Foodservice Designer

Lee is Foodlines’ newest member and comes to us from Kansas City with 30 years of architectural and foodservice design experience. He also has a solid background in drafting, specification preparation, and project management. We are excited to have him on our team!

Lee enjoys spending time with his two sons, Hunter and Mason, drinking a good craft beer, and watching all kinds of sports.

Fun Fact: Lee is fully prepared for a zombie apocalypse as he is a fan of the Zombieland movies. Bring him a twinkie, and you might get some free design work out of him.

Heather Babka

Marketing Specialist

Heather, a recent hire, earned associate degrees in computer-aided design and drafting, graphic arts, and a bachelor’s in communications, making her a well-versed addition to our firm. She is also a member of Public Relations Society of America and Toastmasters International.

Heather spends her free time with her husband, Steve, their two cats, two dogs, and a turtle she has had since fourth grade.

Fun Fact: More years ago than Heather cares to admit, she performed in the halftime shows for the Orange Bowl, Gator Bowl, and Outback Bowl.

Katherine White

Office Manager

Katherine, also a new hire, has a Bachelor of Music from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. This passion led to her positions as an Executive Coordinator with a local symphony and Executive Assistant with a business association. Now she brings her office management and public relations skills to Erickson Sullivan Architects and Foodlines.

She also works in a bike shop, but a different one than Foster. When she is not working, she is playing and cuddling with her two dogs, Kora and Ezra.

Fun fact: While working at the bike shop, Scott Frost called her out for wearing a Michigan State hat. Then, he gave her a Nebraska football hat to replace it with.